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COVID’s mental health fallout will last a long time

The Conversation

As the pandemic enters its second year, many people will be continuing to suffer with poor mental health, ...

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Scientists invent home COVID-19 test using coffee machine capsules

The Conversation

The LFTs are fast, cheap and easy to use, making them ideal for community and home testing, but ...

New study shows nearly 10 000 children did not complete their TB treatment process

New study shows nearly 10 000 children did not complete their TB treatment process

The research found many children were diagnosed at hospitals but not referred for treatment at their local healthcare ...

Beautiful young couple in bedroom is lying on bed. Enjoying spending time together now that the man is on contraceptives

The ‘pill’ for men: The answer women have been searching for?

A4W Contributor

We investigated what the contraceptive gel does, how it works and what men can expect when it finally ...

Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine development medical with syringe for doctor use to treat pneumonia illness patients.

Covid latest: 200 000 J&J vaccines to arrive in SA soon

The SAMRC and lead investigator of the J&J trials -  said the vaccines were being shipped from the ...

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Covid-19: More symptoms include hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo – Study

The Conversation

More studies have been published and researchers have been able to estimate how common these symptoms might be.

Woman undergoes liver transplant after nose piercing goes wrong!

Naadiya Adams

It was difficult to detect what spurred the Fulminant hepatitis B, but it was found to be caused ...

Doctor injects child with Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19: Moderna begins vaccine trials on kids in the US

Naadiya Adams

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna has announced that it has begun a covid-19 vaccine trial on children as young as ...

Young fit woman with n96 face mask doing shoulder press exersice at the gym with dumbbells. Fitness strength workout under coronavirus health crisis.

Should you wear your mask while working out?

A4W Contributor

Wearing a mask during exercise may be uncomfortable, but it is not a health hazard. Here's how to ...

Woman feels emotional after being sent home for violating COVID-19 protocol

After-hours COVID-19 violations that could get you into trouble at work

A4W Contributor

Employees around the world are finding out the hard way that they may have to answer for their ...

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