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Young Woman Infected With Cold Blowing Her Nose In Handkerchief

The common cold might protect you from coronavirus – here’s how

The Conversation

Evidence suggests rhinoviruses may interfere with the replication of other respiratory viruses that tend to be more serious. ...

Coronavirus vaccine rollout needs to restart

“Vaccine rollout needs to restart immediately” – Lives are at risk


"The risk of blood clots from Covid is at least several times higher. And the risk of dying ...

Health And Pain. Stressed Exhausted Young Woman Having Strong Tension Headache. Closeup Portrait Of Beautiful Sick Girl Suffering From Head Migraine, Feeling Pressure And Stress. High Resolution Image

Can bad weather really cause headaches?

The Conversation

In 2015, researchers who collected daily sales figures of a headache medication in Japan showed that sales peaked ...

Plastic shake glass with straw full of sugar cubes on pastel pink background. Unhealthy drink concept. Minimal, vertical, side view.

SA’s levy on sugar-sweetened drinks is having an impact – Research

The Conversation

The reductions in sugar from taxable beverage purchases suggest a potential role for sugar-based taxes more broadly.

J&J vaccine: No blood clots have been reported in Africa - WHO

J&J vaccine: No blood clots have been reported in Africa – WHO

There has been no case of blood coagulation disorders following vaccinations in Africa, but the WHO global advisory ...

Hugh Jackman urges fans to get annual skin cancer check

BANG Showbiz

Hugh Jackman has urged his fans to get a yearly skin cancer check in order to keep themselves ...

J&J vaccine: No blood clots have been reported in Africa - WHO

Here’s why SA has suspended the rollout of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has announced a temporary pause of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

stressed woman working on a laptop at home.

Can stress make you physically sick?

A4W Contributor

While the emotional and mental impact of stress on a person is undeniable, can stress make you physically ...

Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida

Join Miss SA & Team Vitality to help raise awareness for SADAG!


Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida, partners with Team Vitality to raise awareness & funds for SADAG. Members of the ...

Pretty cheerful young woman posing with fresh green lettuce leaves. Healthy eating concept. Dieting.

Is your vegan diet making you sick? Here’s what to do

A4W Contributor

If you're feeling sick since you've started your vegan journey, these nutritional issues may be the culprit

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