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Weight loss fail concept. Scale and depressed, frustrated and sad woman sitting on floor holding head and arms on knees.

Why it’s hard to lose weight when you have PCOS

Zethu Sithole

PCOS is a reproductive disorder, but it’s effects go beyond your fertility. PCOS can affect your skin, hair ...

Lean Woman Refuses to Eat. Anorexia Concept. Thin Girl in Center Rejects. Food Offered from Different Sides. Belly Ribs. Isolated Background. Skinny Waist. Abnormal Weight Loss. Unhealthy Nutrition.

When losing weight just isn’t the answer

Zethu Sithole

Here are 3 things you need to know before you lose weight for your health...

diabetes block letters in crossword and spoon over sugar pile isolated on grainy white sugar texture in sweet food abuse and healh risk of sweet nutrition abuse

Lessons from a diabetes clinic in Malawi: Why everyone should follow a healthy diet

The Conversation

Although the cause of diabetes is not well understood, it’s linked to a combination of environmental and genetic ...

22056679 - cape town township entrance to the khayelitsha

COVID-19 promotes innovative HIV service delivery in Cape Town

The Conversation

South Africa is home to the world’s largest epidemic of HIV, a virus that attacks a person’s immune ...

pills near samples with lettering on white

How COVID-19 threatens efforts to contain HIV/AIDS in South Africa

The Conversation

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread rapidly across the globe, scientists expressed concern that people living with ...

medically accurate illustration of the brain

How coronavirus affects the brain

The Conversation

There are detailed reports of brain illness emerging in people with relatively mild lung illness, in those who ...

Diabetes monitor, Cholesterol diet and healthy food eating nutritional concept with clean fruits in nutritionist's heart dish and patient's blood sugar control record with diabetic measuring tool kit

Being pre-diabetic increases your risk of heart disease

Watch This

Being pre-diabetic is reversible however research has shown that ignoring the condition increases your risk of heart disease...


How to drink responsibly if you are diabetic


According to the World Health Organisation, the average South African consumes 11 litres of alcohol in a year ...

Air pollution and temperature: bad for your heart and blood vessels

The Conversation

The rising temperatures that come with climate change present a global health challenge. There is scientific evidence that ...

President Ramaphosa condemns ‘surge’ in gender-based violence during Level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned a "surge in murders of women and children", after the body of a ...

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