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Do you have a chronic cough?

Posted on Aug 20, 2019 by Shenrina Badri

Do you have a chronic cough and need to find some form of relief?…

New research has found that ‘tickling' the ear with a small electrical current appears slow down ageing...

Ear ‘tickle’ therapy: A new way to slow down ageing

Posted on Jul 31, 2019 by A4W Contributor

New research has found that ‘tickling' the ear with a small electrical current appears to slow down ageing...

Not looking after your teeth may increase your risk of liver cancer by 75%

Not looking after your teeth may increase your risk of liver cancer by 75%

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 by A4W Contributor

Brush up on your oral health, new research has found that not looking after your teeth may increase ...

1 in 5 Deaths are linked to poor diet

1 In 5 deaths linked to poor diet

Posted on Apr 4, 2019 by A4W Contributor

How healthy is your diet? Globally, research has linked poor diet to an estimated one in five deaths...

Treating Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) with home-based dialysis

Treating chronic kidney disease (CKD) with home-based dialysis

Posted on Mar 11, 2019 by PRESS

People with chronic kidney disease require dialysis or a kidney transplant. Fortunately, there’s a treatment for home-based dialysis...

15 Leading causes of death linked to lack of sleep

Posted on Feb 25, 2019 by PRESS

Depression, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease and even colorectal cancer! These are the life-threatening diseases that have ...

Ne-Yo sheds 13 kgs thanks to new vegan diet

Posted on Feb 19, 2019 by BANG Showbiz

Ne-Yo says that he's shed 30 pounds (13 kgs) since going vegan, and, as he says, "loves" the ...

5 Elements of a healthy lifestyle

5 Elements of a healthy lifestyle

Posted on Feb 14, 2019 by A4W Contributor

With February being Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Month and the month of love, it’s a perfect time to embrace ...

Dating with a chronic illness? – “When do I disclose? What if it changes the way they see me?”

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 by ANA Newswire

One minute I'm the woman who has sex on the first date, the next I'm brittle - the ...

Emergency vehicles locked away as West Rand municipal employees refuse to work

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 by

Those who find themselves in emergency situations on the West Rand could be in more trouble than they ...

10 Ways to teach your kids healthy eating habits

Posted on Nov 9, 2018 by A4W Contributor

10 practical tips on how to become a healthy role model for your children...

Durbanites: Enter the Diabetes Challenge 5km fun run/walk on 11 November

Posted on Nov 6, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Diabetes is known as the tsunami of the 21st century, killing more people worldwide than AIDS and cancer ...

Interesting: 4 Common nutritional deficiencies in children

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 by Living & Loving

The best way to prevent a nutritional deficiency is to include a variety of whole- and minimally processed ...

what are stroke warning signs?

What are stroke warning signs?

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 by A4W Contributor

It’s the fourth largest natural cause of death in the country, and 29 October is World Stroke Day, ...

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Posted on Jul 8, 2018 by Shenrina Badri

Do you know what chronic fatigue syndrome is and what the signs and symptoms are?...

skipping prescribed medication

How to stop skipping prescribed medication

Posted on Mar 8, 2018 by A4W Contributor

The prevalence of chronic diseases is on the rise and while many can be treated, skipping prescribed medication ...

Picture depicting alcohol abuse

Chronic heavy drinking linked to increased risk of dementia

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Alcohol use disorders are a major risk factor for onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset dementia, ...

Shania Twain biopic to chronicle singer’s personal tragedies

Posted on Feb 16, 2018 by Cover Media

Shania Twain is the latest celebrity subject of a television biopic - 'Shania Twain: The Price of Fame'...

How running protects you from chronic stress

How running protects you from chronic stress

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Research has found that running protects you from chronic stress by fighting off the negative impact stress has ...

Relieve & protect chronic dry skin with SBR Repair & SBR Lipocream¹ , ²

Posted on Oct 20, 2017 by ADVERTORIAL

Winter is on its way out, which means that the past cold and dry weather conditions have left ...

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