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Debunking myths about cancer


Four cancer myths are stumbling blocks in the treatment and prevention of the disease. Find out what they ...

How alcohol increases the risk of cancer


If cancer runs in your family’s genes, you’d be wise to give alcoholic drinks a miss at book ...

3 Non-melanoma skin cancers to look out for

Hello Doctor

January is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and while there’s plenty of info about melanomas, we don’t hear much ...

Cancer 101: What you need to know (video)


If you've ever wondered how cancer cells grow and how radiotherapy or chemotherapy works to fight this disease, ...

How to reduce your risk of ovarian cancer

Tendani Sibuyi

Ovarian cancer affects the cells of one or both ovaries and often goes undetected until it’s too late! ...

Smart women are too cool to smoke


Smoking accelerates aging and contributes to diseases like lung cancer. So, if you’re a smart woman, you’re also ...

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