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Chadwick Boseman Dead at 43 After Battle With Colon Cancer

What Chadwick Boseman’s death taught us about cancer

Zethu Sithole

While many fans mourn the loss talented actor, Chadwick Boseman, we are reminded that the current COVID-19 Pandemic ...

Mawisa Chauke

Mawisa “The Survivor” talks about beating cancer at the age of 30 & inspiring others

Claire Warneke

All4Women chatted to Chauke about her journey, and what kept her going through her darkest moments. “My only ...

a gynecologist is examining woman

How getting a pap smear could save your life

A4W Contributor

A pap smear doesn’t directly test for cancer, it detects abnormal cells in the cervix and these can ...

Fewer people are dying from cancer

A4W Contributor

The cancer death rate declined by 29% from 1991 to 2017, including a 2.2% drop from 2016 to ...

Demon disease, worse than HIV: Soweto women’s views on breast cancer

The Conversation

Early detection and education are the key to reducing cancer deaths...

THIS is what women need to fight cancer – Oncologist shares her best advice

A4W Contributor

According to a medical oncologist, Dr Keo Tabane, one of the main reasons for this high mortality rate ...


Inactivity increases your chances of cancer death

A4W Contributor

Replacing sitting time with 30 minutes of activity associated with lower risk of cancer death...


Give dad the gift of health with mushrooms

A4W Contributor

Mushrooms are rich in selenium and research indicates that selenium-rich foods may lower the likelihood of developing prostate ...

Fighting cancer during Covid-19 – A breast cancer patient shares her lockdown experience


Her parents couldn’t take her to the hospital or be at her bedside when she woke up. Instead, ...

protect yourself from flu

Vaccine could eradicate a leading cause of female cancer deaths


While the race is on for a COVID-19 vaccine, there’s a vaccine for the leading cause of female ...

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