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Olivia Newton-John sees her cancer as a ‘gift’ – Here’s what she means

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Olivia Newton-John views having cancer as a "gift" and doesn't see herself as being "sick" or involved in ...

Pink Punnet

ALL women can be affected by breast cancer – 85% have no family history of the disease


More than 85% of women with breast cancer have no family history of the disease but with all ...

Close up of unhealthy middle aged woman suffers from pain, holding pill and glass of still water feels ill taking medicine, cropped image. Disease prevention and treatment of old mature people concept

Here’s what you need to know about menopausal hormone therapy and cancer risk

The Conversation

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy a dangerous cancer risk? Here's what you need to know.

Sibs and Chantelle

#PinkDiaries: “Check your breasts!” – 4 Inspiring women share their cancer journeys


South African women are joining the #PinkDiaries conversation with Strawberry Lips and breast cancer survivors, warriors and champions, ...

mushrooms for cancer

Buy a pink punnet of mushrooms & help a breast cancer survivor


Look out for the 250g punnets of whole and sliced white button mushrooms in their pretty pink packaging ...

“Buy mushrooms in pink punnets this month” – Appeal from breast cancer NGO, Reach for Recovery


Help us uplift underprivileged survivors of breast cancer: Buy mushrooms in Pink Punnets this October…

#PinkDiaries: From fear to champions – Breast cancer battles from SA women

#PinkDiaries: From fear to champions – Breast cancer battles from SA women


As the month of October goes pink, South African women are talking about the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, ...

Health benefits & cancer-fighting properties of mushrooms

A4W Contributor

Mushrooms contain phytochemicals that are found to specifically supress BREAST & PROSTATE CANCER…


Strawberry Lips launches #PinkDiaries – Inspirational stories from breast cancer warriors


Fourteen breast cancer warriors, survivors and champions came together for a day of glamour and conversation as part ...

Bright photo of happy pretty girl suffering from kidney cancer, wearing blue headscarf and siting on the couch at hospice after chemotherapy

What is Leukaemia and what can you do about it?

Zethu Sithole

Leukaemia and blood disorders may be considered rare, the kind of things you see on medical dramas but ...

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