Recipe for sweet, sparkly Watermelon Kiwi Fizz – add a dash of vodka to turn it into a cocktail

2 Lemons
1 Lime
4 slices Watermelon
5 Kiwis
3 Tbs Sugar
500 ml cups water
500 ml Soda Water
1 cup Ice
1 tbs of minced Mint

How to
Peel the lemons, lime and kiwi, and slice the watermelon, separating it from the skin.

Cut all the fruits into chunks and put in the blender,together with sugar, water and ice.

Blend until smooth.

Take a small wire strainer and drain the juice in a large pitcher; this will separate out all the seeds that are left in a juice.

Rinse the blender and return the juice.

Add minced mint and soda;

Pulse blend for few seconds so it can blend thoroughly.

Return the juice to the pitcher and place back in the fridge before serving.

The taste is citric, a bit sweet and very refreshing for those hot summer days.

You can add more sugar if you like, as well more ice.

You could make this as an adult version too.

Recipe provided courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking food blog.

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