This recipe for Fried Rice with Prawns is such a popular dish in Asian restaurants we thought we’d show you how to make it with this simple video recipe.

2 Eggs
Grapeseed Oil
500g Rice
1 Red Onion
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Courgette
12 Button Mushrooms
12 Prawns or Shrimp
2 Slices of Chopped Ham
2 Spring Onions/Scallions
Salt & Pepper
4 tbsp Soya Sauce
2 tbsp Fresh Coriander

How to
Preferably use some rice that you have cooked the day before as the texture will work better for this dish than fresh rice;

Heat up a large frying pan to a medium heat and crack your eggs into a small bowl before whisking together with a fork. When the pan is at smoking point, add a small amount of grapeseed oil and your eggs. Tilting the pan make sure that the eggs cover the entire surface before using your spatula to move the eggs around and break them up into small pieces. This process should take 20 seconds maximum. Set the eggs aside on a separate plate for later;

Clean out your pan using a damp cloth and add some more oil to your pan and bring back to a high temperature;

Start off by adding your onion, garlic and ginger to the pan and cooking over a high heat for about 1 minute until the onions are translucent;

When the onions have softened, add your zucchinis and mushrooms and cook for a further 2 minutes;

Add your prawns and your ham and cook for a further 2 minutes over a high heat until the prawns turn pink in color. As soon as the prawns turn pink add your spring onions;

Make sure to break the rice up using a spatula before adding to the pan. When the rice is added continue to fry it for a further 2 minutes and either by tossing the pan or using a spatula ensure it has been evenly incorporated;

Return the egg, that was cooked earlier, to the pan;

Season the rice by adding white pepper, salt, soy sauce and chopped coriander;

Toss the rice together, make sure it has been evenly incorporated and serve immediately.

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