Recipe for Tandoori Chicken with a pineapple and carrot salad. Top with a homemade coriander chutney

1 spatchcock chicken

For the Marinade:
3 cloves of garlic
1 Tbsp of ginger, grated
1 Tbsp of each of paprika, turmeric, garam masala
1 cup of yoghurt
1 tsp dried chilli flakes

For the Pineapple and Carrot Salad:
1 pineapple, peeled and sliced into 1cm slices
1 cup grated carrot
3-4 Tbsp sesame seeds, toasted (saving some for serving)
Juice of ½ a lime
1 Tbsp Willow Creek olive oil
Handful of fresh mint leaves, roughly chopped

For the Coriander and Coconut Chutney:
1 cup desiccated coconut
2 tsp toasted cumin seeds
¼ cup Willow Creek olive oil
Juice of 1 a lime
1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
1 cup fresh coriander (roughly chopped and loosely packed)

How to
For the Chicken:
Preheat the oven to 220 °C.

Season the chicken and prepare the marinade by blending all of the ingredients together. Coat the chicken with the marinade.

Place in the oven for 40 minutes, or until blistered and almost charred, and the meat is cooked through.

Pineapple and Carrot Salad:
Cut and grill the pineapple until golden on both sides, then chop and set aside to cool.

Add all remaining ingredients to a salad platter, garnish with mint leaves, sprinkle over some leftover sesame seeds and add a drizzle of olive oil

Coriander and Coconut Chutney:
Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until you have a rough paste. Scrape down the insides of the mixer from time to time if necessary.

Season to taste, and add extra olive oil and lime juice to loosen if necessary.

Recipe provided by Sarah Graham, author of three cookbooks and A Foodie Lives Here food blog. Photo from ‘Sarah Graham’s Food Safari Season 2’ by Ricardo de Leça.

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