Recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – a yummy beef filling wrapped in sour cabbage leaves

1 head of fresh Cabbage You may use Savoy Cabbage as well
1 cup Vinegar
1/2 cup Salt

Meat filling:
450g Ground Beef
2 tbsp. Bouillon Seasoning/Beef seasoning etc. To taste**
1/2 Onion minced or shredded (keep some for later use)
2 Garlic Cloves minced or crushed
1/2 Tbs. Ground Black Pepper
1 cup Rice soak it in the cold water for 5 min or so before adding it to the mixture

Additional topping:
1 Tbs. Oil
2 1/2 Tbs. Bouillon seasoning or salt
2 cups Shredded Sauerkraut – If you have homemade, that’s the best
3 garlic cloves peeled and crushed
4-6 sliced Hickory-smoked Bacon or any meat/ sausage that is smoked
1/2 Tbs. Sweet Red Paprika
1/3 of cup minced parsley
1/2 Tbs. Ground Black Pepper
2 Cups of stock/broth + water to fill to about 2 inches above it.

4 Tbsp. Tomato Sauce
2 Tbsp. All-purpose flour

How to
Wash the cabbage and extract the middle root by carving it out. Boil the whole cabbage head by putting it in a large pot, pour over hot boiled water mixed with vinegar and salt. Let it boil again for the next 20 minutes or until the cabbage is softer to the touch

Once the cabbage is softer to the touch, cover it with the lid, turn off the heat and let it sit in a sour and salty hot water for next 20 minutes or until you are ready for the next step.

Combine the meat mixture by adding ground beef, seasoning, shredded onion, minced garlic/or garlic powder, ground black pepper, and rice. I always taste to see if I need more seasoning.

Now separate the cabbage leaves and cut the thick root in the back of each leaf because of the easier folding.

Put cabbage leaves in your palm and add one medium size meatball. Don’t pack meatball, make it more loose. Click here for picture-based instructions. These instructions are important because if you don’t roll and wrap cabbage rolls correctly, they will open, and meat will get out. Once the wrapping is over, go to the next step.

Boil 2 cups of Beef stock + 3 cups of water with 1 Tbs. bouillon seasoning; set aside.

In a large pot, add a bit of minced onion, olive oil (or any on your hand), place each roll on the bottom of the pot, if you have meat leftovers crumble on the top, shredded sauerkraut, a few garlic cloves, then rest of the cabbage leaves lay on top and over the cabbage rolls, put few slices of bacon or any smoked products, sweet paprika, a bit more chopped garlic and parsley, and about 1/2 tbs. Ground black pepper.

Now that you layer everything correctly, put it on the stove and with previously boiled broth, water, and seasoning slowly pour over- also liquid needs to go over the cabbage rolls at least 2.5cm-

Turn the heat on high until it boils again, once it’s boiled cover and turn the heat on a medium-low. Let it cook for the next 40-45 minutes.

After 40-45 minutes (if you need more water it is a good time to add more and boil before you add Roux) Mix 2 Tbs. Of all-purpose flour with 2 Tbs. Of Tomato sauce in a bowl. Combine it well and add about 3 Tbs. Of water. Stir until lumps are gone and you are left with a smooth and thin texture. Pour the Roux little bit at the time, but do not stir, move the pot in a shaky motion just to combine the thin Roux with the liquid to make a thick sauce. If you can see the lumps in the pot use the wooden spoon to mash it. Add 2 more Tbs. of tomato sauce for the color and taste.


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Recipe provided courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking food blog.