A light dessert recipe for Strawberry and Yoghurt Parfait – use fat-free yoghurt if you prefer

600 – 750 g ripe and fresh strawberries, hulled
65 – 90 ml castor sugar (or to taste)
10 ml lemon juice
15 – 30 ml corn starch (or to taste)
750 ml Greek yoghurt (or even fat-free plain yoghurt)
a few squirts vanilla paste (or few drops vanilla essence)
mint leaves

How to
Take two-thirds of the strawberries and slice them coarsely.

Place in a processor and process until smooth. If you want to remove all seedy bits, push the sauce through a sieve then transfer to a saucepan.

Add half of the sugar and the lemon juice and bring the mixture to a boil.

Mix the corn starch with a little cold water and add as much of it to the puree to thicken to your taste.

Stir until thick and glossy then remove from the heat. Set aside to cool.

Just before serving, halve the remaining strawberries and sprinkle with a little sugar.

Now, sweeten the yoghurt to taste with the remaining sugar and add a squirt or two of vanilla paste and mix well.

To serve, spoon a generous portion of the sauce into the bottom of suitable pretty glasses or bowls and top with a thick layer of sweetened vanilla yoghurt. Spoon a layer of the remaining sauce over and top with halved strawberries.

Finish with a small mint leaf and serve.


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Recipe provided courtesy of I Love Cooking.