Healthier alternative to the traditional Chocolate Milkshake recipe

400ml milk of your choice (almond, rice milk or cow’s milk)
2 tsp raw cacao powder
2 tsp maple syrup or honey (or natural sweetener of your choice)
handful of ice
Optional: add in a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom, or 1 tsp vanilla
Optional: A scoop of pea or hemp protein powder and 1/2 banana and then it can be breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack!

How To
Blitz everything together in a high-powered blender until smooth and foamy. Serve immediately.

Note: This is, obviously, just as delicious served warm – I make mine 1 serving at a time in our milk frother, super speedy, no mess no fuss.

Recipe provided by Sarah Graham, recipe creator and cookbook author. Visit the Sarah Graham food blog to see more.

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