A delicious recipe for the perfect lazy dinner – Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwiches

1 Bagel
1 tablespoon whipped cream cheese, split in half
1 teaspoon chives, chopped
1/2 Avocado, thinly sliced
3 oz/80g thin-sliced smoked salmon
English cucumber or mini cucumbers, thinly sliced
Fresh Organic Spinach or lettuce

Other Additions:
Red onion
Drained Capers
Fresh Dill

How to
Slice bagel in half horizontally. Mine was presliced, so I just carefully separated both pieces.

Spread BOTH sides with cream cheese and sprinkle with the chopped chives.

Over cheese on 1 bagel half, layer English cucumber or mini cucumber, thinly sliced avocado, smoked salmon, spinach – now, it a good time to add other additions such as red onion and/or capers.

Set remaining bagel half, cream cheese side down, over filling.

Recipe provided courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking food blog.

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