Schweinsbraten is an Austrian slow-roasted shoulder of pork- Try this recipe next Sunday instead of a traditional roast.

1.8kg pork shoulder
about 20 cloves of garlic
1 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp black pepper
2 Tbsp ground coriander seeds
2 Tbsp ground caraway seeds
1 Tbsp ground cumin seeds

How to
If your meat has come from a supermarket packaged in a twine “stocking”, cut off the stocking. Make sure that the fat is scored. If not, score it yourself: using a very sharp knife, make parallel cuts about 1cm apart all over the fat. Make sure you cut through the tough skin, but do not cut all the way down into the meat.

Peel the garlic and cut about three quarters of the cloves into sticks, which you will use to stud the meat. Turn the meat over so that it is lying fat side down. Use a thin kitchen knife to prick holes all over the pork, sliding the garlic sticks over the blade into the meat before removing the knife. Leave aout 1cm between each hole and stud the meat all over. Rub the pork generously all over with the salt, pepper and spice mix,if you feel you are using obscene amonts of spice, you have the quantities just about right.

Turn the meat over so that the skin side is up. Stud the fat with garlic sticks as described above. Crush the rest of the garlic and smear over the roast, including the skin, taking care to work it into the cuts scored in the fat; then rub all over (meat and fat) generously with the remaining salt, pepper and spice mix (grind more if you have to!). Allow the meat to soak up the flavours for a long as possible, preferably overnight.

Place the pork skin-up in an casserole with lid. Add enough water so that the base of the casserole is covered with about an inch of water. Cover with lid and try to cook as long and slow as possible – bank on at least 3.5 hours. Place the casserole in cold oven and immediately turn the temperature to 150C. Raise the temperature by about 100C every half an hour, until in the last hour you reach 220C. During cooking, frequently baste the pork with the cooking juices – baste at least once every half an hour when you turn up the temperature.

Take the lid off in about the last half-hour of cooking so that the crackling crisps up nicely – you can help it along by turning the grill on high for the final 15 minutes of cooking.

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