Make this recipe for salty and sweet Chocolate Pots with cherries

200ml canned caramel
5ml sea salt
60ml fresh cream
85g each milk and dark chocolate, broken into squares
100ml double cream, at room temperature
4 whole Peppadew mild piquante peppers, finely chopped
120ml mascarpone cheese
120ml double cream Greek yoghurt.
Fresh cherries and mint to serve

How to
Mix caramel with salt and cream, divide between 4 small glasses and chill.

Mix mascarpone, piquanté peppers and yoghurt together, and divide mixture between the glasses.

Melt chocolates together in a glass bowl in microwave. Heat cream to same temperature as chocolate and mix together.

Divide between glasses, place in refrigerator till set.

To serve: Arrange cherries on top and serve with a sprig of mint.

Cook’s Tip: Use dark chocolate only for a richer alternative

Recipe courtesy of Peppadew International.

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