Delicious recipe for Paris and Brest – eclairs filled with white chocolate crème patissiere

125g milk
125g water
100g butter
150g flour (00 grade) or cake flour
4g salt
250g eggs for free form piping / 300 g for éclairs in flexi form

White Chocolate Crème Patissiere:
200g milk
50g milk
60g sugar
10g cornflour
10g flour
40g yolks (2)
½ vanilla pod
50g white chocolate

How to
In a saucepan bring to the boil the water, milk and butter

Add the flour, salt. Mix to a smooth paste allow to cook out on medium to low heat until the choux paste comes away from the sides of the pan (about 1 min)

Transfer to a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment and add the eggs one at a time until a smooth paste is achieved

Pipe into shape and bake at a temperature of 170C until golden brown (approximately 30 minutes).

Top with roughly chopped Hazelnuts or Almonds.

Care needs to be taken not to remove under baked, as this will cause the choux paste to become soggy. NOTE: With convection ovens the first 10 min need to be baked with a cover over the choux paste.

Once cooled, fill with the white chocolate crème patissiere (see recipe below).

White Chocolate Crème Patissiere:
Combine 50g milk, egg yolks, sugar and corn-starch/flour until a smooth paste is formed.

Bring the milk and vanilla pods to the boil.

Pour the liquid slowly over the eggs whilst whisking until blended.

Pass through a chinois strainer.

Place back into the sauce pan and cook out until a smooth thick paste is achieved.

Add the white chocolate and remove from heat. Stir until smooth.

Recipe created by Chef Arno Ralph, a member of National Culinary Team who will represent South Africa in the Culinary Olympics in Germany this year

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