This recipe for a Snoek Braai is perfect for the Summer months

1 x West Coast snoek, cleaned (or any other firm, white fish)
Sea salt flakes
30 ml olive oil

For the basting sauce:
80 ml Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown
60 ml apricot jam
100 g butter
15 ml finely chopped garlic
10 ml finely grated fresh ginger
A small hand full chopped fresh parsley

For the stuffing:
100 g soft apricots soaked in 60 ml Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown
1 orange sliced

How to
Season the snoek inside and out and score the skin on both sides. Set aside until needed.

For the basting sauce: mix all the ingredients together in a small saucepan and simmer until the butter is melted. Set aside to cool slightly.

Baste the inside of the snoek with the sauce and place the soaked apricots and orange slices inside. Tie the snoek up with string and baste the outside with the sauce. Grill over the coals until cooked and golden. Serve with extra grilled lemons.

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