Cold and delicious beverage recipe – peachy and minty iced tea with lots and lots of ice!

1 Mug Green Tea – 1 teabag infused in boiling water for 15 minutes
1 Mug Rooibos Tea – same as above
1 Mug Flavoured Tea – (any flavour will do) same as above
The Twinings Infusions are fabulous but expensive!
1 Mug Cold Water
1Mug Peach Juice – use 100% unsweetened juice
1 tsp Advantage Sugar alternative – less if you don’t like it as sweet as I do
1 Orange – cut in half then sliced thinly
A few sprigs of Fresh Garden Mint
Lots of ice cubes for serving

How to
Mix all together (except the ice cubes) in a large jug then refrigerate until cold

Serve over lots of ice and make sure some of the delicious orange slices and mint plop into every glass.

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