Traditional South African dessert recipe for Milk Tart


3 Dessertspoons Margarine
2 Eggs
3 Dessertspoons Sugar (heaped)
6 1/2 Dessertspoons Self-raising flour (heaped)
Pinch of salt

2 Tins Ideal Milk
Fresh milk (measured equivalent to the 2 Ideal Milk tins)
2/3 Cup sugar
3 Dessertspoons Margarine
2 Eggs
6 Dessertspoons Maize (heaped)
1 Dessertspoons Vanilla essence

How to

1. Beat marge and eggs together.

2. Add sugar, and beat into egg and marge mixture.

3. Add flour and salt, beat into mixture until a sticky consistency.

4. Layer baking tins thinly and evenly as possible.

5. Bake in 180° until golden brown (about 10- 15 minutes).

6. Once baked, leave out of the oven to cool.

1. In a pot, empty Ideal milk tins and pour fresh milk (measure the amount of fresh milk equivalent to the two empty tins).

2. Heat the milk until boiling point.

3. While waiting for the milk to heat, beat the eggs and marge together in a bowl until mixed together.

4. Just before the milk has reached boiling point, add a small amount of milk with the maize (to make a runny consistency).

5. Once milk has reached boiling point, remove from heat and add maize mixture into the heated milk gradulally (1/3 at a time) and stir continuously. *Note the mixture will thicken like a set jelly consistency and you may not have to use all the maize – this you will have to judge yourself.

6. Add the eggs and marge mixture into the milk gradually.

7. Put back onto the heat for a minute to make sure the eggs cook.

8. Once the milk has been heated through for a minute, take off the heat and add sugar a bit at a time while stirring.

9. Add vanilla essence and stir to mix it all evenly together.

10. Pour into the crusted baking tins.

11. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of tart.

Leave the milk tart in the fridge to cool down and set for an hour or two.

Recipe courtesy of Stuffed! – A food blog created by Megan Deane sharing family recipes and a passion for home cooking.

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