Make the most of the last days of summer by firing up the braai, and cooking these Smoked Pork Chops.

6 bone-in loin of pork chops +- 2 cm thick, trimmed of excess fat
Ina Paarman’s Braai & Grill Seasoning
olive oil
Ina Paarman’s Sticky Marinade
a very big bunch of fresh rosemary and/or sage

How to
Cut 2 slits 3 cm apart through the fat layer to prevent curl-up when cooking. Season both sides of the chops with Braai & Grill Seasoning and drizzle with olive oil. Pat the seasoning and oil into the meat.

Leave chops at room temperature for 30 minutes while preparing medium hot coals. Clean the grid.

Lift the grid and place a small pan in the middle of the braai, directly on the coals, to create a coal free zone. (I prefer to do this rather than raking the coals to the sides). Stand the chops fat side up in a special little loin rack. Place the rack on the grid over the coal free zone. Place a few smaller bunches of herbs around the chops on the grid and then cover the braai with a lid.

Smoke the chops for 7-9 minutes. Open the lid. Remove the smoke rack and herbs. Lift the grid and remove the pan from the coals. Replace the grid and lay the chops down flat on the grid.

Baste the chops with Sticky Marinade. Turn and baste regularly until done. Finally give it a generous glaze of marinade before serving.

By: Ina Paarman

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