Recipe for Gran’s old fashioned Homemade Mustard

2 extra large fresh free range eggs
5 tsp mustard powder
2½ tbs white sugar
2½ tbs brown sugar
very generous pinch of salt
¼ cup cold water
5 tbs normal white vinegar

How to
Combine the mustard powder, eggs and sugar and whisk until light, fluffy and pale. Add the water, salt and vinegar. Place in a double boiler or in a bowl that fits neatly on top of a saucepan of water. NB: do not let the bowl touch the water.

Cook whilst constantly whisking until the mustard is as thick as custard. Remove from the heat, cover the surface with cling film to prevent it discolouring and a skin forming and allow to cool to room temperature. Once cool, spoon into a jar, close and store in your fridge.

It will keep in your fridge for at least a week, but the kids are likely to gobble it up sooner.

Recipe by Lizet Hartley, courtesy of Melkkos & Merlot, a bilingual blog about food.

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