Make way for this easy peasy healthy treat – recipe for Grilled Grapefruit topped with yoghurt and honey

1 x ruby grapefruit
2-3 tsp sugar (I used demerara sugar but normal white or brown will do)
½ small cup of double thick plain yoghurt (you can use a lower fat version but it will go all runny)
A dollop of honey

How to
Preheat your grill and make sure that your oven tray is closer to the top (just not too close!) than the bottom – I always forget until I open the oven door to chuck my food in and lose heat, while risking the burning of appendages when frantically readjusting.

Slice your grapefruit in half, along the hemisphere. Put in roasting tin and sprinkle with your sugar. The grill is probably still preheating at this point so you can mix your honey with your yoghurt in the meantime.

Once the grill is ready, put the grapefruit in the oven and keep an eye on it. It will start to cook quickly and the edges will blacken within a few short minutes. Once you are happy with it, whip the tray out and serve with a blob of yoghurt. Enjoy!

Recipe provided by: Cuizine Food Blog – for the love of food and Durban.

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