Recipe for Grilled Chicken Kota with chips, bacon and cheese!


Quarter loaf SASKO Premium White bread
120g chicken breasts
1 tbsp chicken spice
120g frozen chips
130ml BBQ marinade
4 slices streaky bacon
½ onion sliced
2 slices cheese
15ml Achaar
Salt for seasoning
Oil for frying

How to
Cut the bread into a quarter loaf and remove a section of the inside.

Cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces

Season the chicken breasts with chicken spice and place on a hot grill until
cooked. Place the cooked chicken into the marinade

Pan fry the streaky bacon and onions until golden brown

Deep fry the chips until golden, season with salt

Place the chips and chicken, cheese, bacon and onions into the quarter loaf
and drizzle with extra BBQ sauce and achaar.

Recipe provided by Sasko. Visit their Facebook page for more delicious recipes.

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