Unbaked, refrigerated Date Squares recipe – a South African favourite. Add brandy, cherries or coconut for extra flavour!

1 packet Marie biscuits (200 gram)
100 ml sugar
250 gram chopped dates (1 packet)
115 gram butter
1 egg, whisked
1 teaspooon vanilla essence or brandy


2 to 4 tablespoons glazed cherries-in-brandy, quartered
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
Desiccated coconut to coat the squares

How to
Crush the biscuits into fingernail-size pieces.

Melt the butter and the sugar. Add the dates and simmer until the mixture is soft and mushy.

Remove from heat and allow mixture to cool down a somewhat.

If you want to add cherries, do it now.

Add whisked egg and vanilla and mix.

Add crushed biscuits and mix.

Spread mixture into a lined container (we used a 150mm x 260mm brownie pan lined with foil).

Refrigerate for a few hours and cut into small squares.

Served as is, or cover in coconut to prevent the squares from sticking to each other.

Can be frozen.

This recipe and photo is from the Rainbow Cooking website, where you will find a collection of mostly South African recipes, both traditional and modern.

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