A quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Brownies with Strawberries and Cream – perfect to make with the kids

1 pkg. Fudge cake mix or instant cake mix of your choice- include 2 eggs, water and oil
1 pkg of strawberries
1 tub of Whipped Cream/fat free

How to
Once you have mixed the batter for the fudge cake, bake at 375F/180C for 20-25 minutes

While you are waiting, wash the strawberries, and cut them.

When the fudge cake has cooled down, cut into small squares.

Take half of the strawberries and put into food processor together with half of the tub of whipped cream.

You will end up with strawberry whipped cream.

Put one layer of fudge cake, one layer of strawberry cream, fresh strawberries, plain whipped cream, and so on until your bowl is full or you are out the ingredients.

You can also make for more people, or in individual cups.

Recipe provided courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking food blog.

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