Recipe for Choc Chip Pancakes, topped with strawberry compote

Flour – 2 cups
Eggs – 2
Baking Powder – 2 teaspoons
Milk – 2 ½ cups
Oil – ½ cup
Salt – ½ teaspoon
Vinegar – 1tsp
Blueberries – 200g
Choc chips- 50 g
Strawberries – 1 punnet
Honey – 250 ml

How to
Mix all the dry ingredients together and choc chips together.

Mix all the wet ingredients together except for the vinegar.

Whisk the dry and wet ingredients together until the mixture is lump free.

Add vinegar to the mixture

Put the oil in a pan and place pan on a medium heat open fire. If cooking on the stove, cook over a medium heat.

Scoop a ladle of the mixture into the pan and flip the pancake once the edges of the pancake are brown and the bubble of the mixture stop popping.

Clean, hull and cut the strawberries in half.

Pour the honey in your pan and add blueberries and strawberries.

Mix well and place onto the fire.

Your compote will be ready once your blueberries has popped and the strawberries are soft.

Pour the mixture over your pancakes and serve!

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Recipe created by Chef Lesego Semenya, cooked over an open fire at ATKV Klein-Kariba Resort. Photos by: John-Henry Opperman. Visit their website for more information about ATKV Resorts.