Cheesy Ravioli – decadent recipe made with courgette and garlicky cream cheese

2 courgettes
½ garlic – crush, peel and chop finely
3g fresh basil – slice finely
50g cream cheese
15g parmesan – grate finely
40g cheddar
¼ egg – beat lightly
125ml Brenda’s Pasta Sauce (or sauce of your choice)
olive oil (from your pantry)
freshly ground salt and pepper (from your pantry)

How to
Preheat oven to 200°C. Prepare all ingredients as indicated above.

Using a potato peeler, slice the courgettes lengthways to create long, thin ribbons. Make them as thin as possible.

Place these ingredients in a large bowl: cream cheese, parmesan, egg, basil, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Grease a casserole dish with olive oil.

To assemble the ravioli lay two ribbons of courgette side by side (slightly overlapping) on a chopping board. Now place another two ribbons on top but at a 90° angle so that it makes a cross.

Place a tablespoon of the cream cheese mixture in the middle. Now wrap up into a parcel by folding the ends of the courgette ribbons over the top. Turn the parcel over and place in the casserole dish (with the ends tucked underneath). Spoon the tomato sauce over the top. Scatter with the grated cheddar cheese.

Place the casserole in the oven and bake for 20 minutes until it browns on top.

To serve, divide the cheesy ravioli parcels between the plates and top with sauce.

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