Replace high carb potatoes with this recipe for Cauliflower Mash

1 cauliflower (approx 800g / 28 1/4 oz) finely chopped
1 onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, smashed
1 tablespoon olive oil
a little sea salt and white pepper to season
spices of your choice: I use chilli flakes and sumac

How to
Saute onion and garlic in a large pot with the olive oil over a low to medium heat until softened.

Add the fine chopped cauliflower and 1/4 cup water or vegetable stock.

Cover the pot completely with a tight fitting lid and turn down to heat to a low simmer.

Cook for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring half way through and checking to make sure there is still enough liquid to steam the cauliflower. It’s important not to overcook it to keep the fresh flavour intact.

Remove from the heat and place into a good high speed blender like a Vitamix.

Season with a little sea salt and white pepper + spices of your choice.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

Serve hot and enjoy with your favourite comfort food dishes.

Recipe created by Jessica Sepel, a qualified Sydney nutritionist, health blogger and wellness coach. She is the author of several eBooks, including the JSHealth Detox Plan and The Clean Life. Visit for more recipes, nutrition advice and wellness inspiration.

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