Recipe for Brown Sugar and Peach Swirl Ice Cream. Use fresh or tinned peaches, depending on the season.


For the Ice Cream base:
375ml milk
375ml cream
pinch of salt
4 large egg yolks
185ml brown sugar

For the Peach Swirl:
350g peaches (about 4 large peaches)
2 tbsp butter
1 – 2 tbsp brown sugar, to taste

How to
If using an ice cream maker with a freezer bowl, remember to freeze the bowl
for a minimum of 24 hours.

Place the milk and 125ml of cream into a medium saucepan on low heat with
a pinch of salt.

Heat on low heat, stirring occasionally until the mixture just starts to bubble
around the edges. Remove from the heat.

Whisk the egg yolks and brown sugar together until pale and creamy, then
gradually add in the hot milk mixture in a thin stream, whisking constantly.

Return to the saucepan and heat on a low/medium heat, stirring constantly.
When the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon, immediately
remove from the heat.

Pour the remaining 250ml of cream into a large bowl, and place a fine sieve
over the top. Strain the custard into the cream and mix well. Cover the surface
of the ice cream mixture directly with clingfilm. Leave to cool to room
temperature, stirring occasionally (you can speed this up by placing the bowl
into an ice bath). Refrigerate for 12 hours.

To make the peach swirl, peel the peaches and slice in half. Remove the
stones and chop the peach halves into small pieces.

Place the peach pieces, butter and a little brown sugar (depending on how
sweet the peaches are) into a saucepan. Heat on medium heat, stirring
frequently, for about 5 minutes or until the peaches are cooked through.

Puree the mixture with a stick blender or pass through a sieve. Cover and
refrigerate until needed.

Once the ice cream mixture is thoroughly cold, churn the mixture in your ice
cream maker as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer about a third of
the ice cream to an airtight container. Add about a third of the peach mixture,
then use a knife to swirl it lightly together. Repeat this process until both
mixtures have been used up. Be careful not to overmix so that the swirl is still


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This recipe and photo provided by and copyright to Astrid Field from the Sweet Rebellion. Visit The Sweet Rebellion website, and see more of her delectable sweet treat recipes