A delicious and gourmet recipe for Duck Shanks in a Onion Marmalade.

2 x Bags Breyers Deli duck shanks
1 x Bag mixed baby salad leaves
Olive Oil
1 x Orange
1 x Soft goats cream cheese
Cherry Tomatoes
Flat leaf Parsley
1 x Bottle Breyers Deli onion marmalade with creme de cassis and red wine
Salt and freshly ground Pepper

How to
Pre-heat oven to 180c , put duck shanks into small
casserole dish, with a lid, and re-heat for 15/20 minutes. When they are hot, take them out and leave them on the side.

Take skin off orange and cut segments away from the membranes.

Half the cherry tomatoes and slice the cucumber.

Put small handful salad leaves onto side of the plate

Put 2/3 segments of orange onto the salad leaves and a few slices of cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Break up the Goats cheese in your fingers over the salad

Drizzle salad with the olive oil

Add Salt and Pepper.

Take 3 ducks shanks out and place them on the plate, bones pointing up

Put a dollop of Onion Marmalade in front of the duck and salad.

Decorate with flat leaf parsley

Repeat procedure again for other 3 plates.

Recipe and images kindly provided by Breyers Deli.

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