Traybakes or one-pan recipes are an almost magical way to whip up a quick and easy dinner. And best of all, you only use one dish!

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Chinese Mandarin chicken traybake recipe

The citrus keeps the chicken moist in this Chinese chicken traybake recipe.

Chinese Mandarin Chicken Tray Bake recipe

Maple roasted root veg and sausage sheet pan recipe

Use pork, chicken, beef or veggies sausages to make this sheet pan recipe. 

Maple-roasted Root Veg and Sausage Bake recipe

One-pan Cajun chicken and roast veggie recipe

A simple and healthy recipe for a one-pan Cajun chicken and roasted veggie dinner.

One Pan Cajun Chicken & Roasted Veg

One-pan Japanese inspired salmon bake recipe

Japanese-inspired salmon, with broccoli and sweet potato.

One Pan Japanese-Inspired Salmon recipe

Chicken, bacon and potato traybake recipe

Recipe for an all-in-one-supper of traybake chicken, bacon and potatoes with herbs.

Chicken, Bacon and Potato Tray Bake recipe

One-pan honey mustard chicken recipe

A light dinner recipe for honey and mustard chicken with asparagus, Brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes.

One Pan Honey-Mustard Chicken recipe

Roast pumpkin, carrot and chickpea traybake recipe

Use butternut or any other winter squash instead of pumpkin in this tasty veggie traybake recipe.

Roast Pumpkin, Carrot & Chickpea One Pan recipe

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