An easy and fuss-free salad recipe made with quinoa, fresh chopped vegetables and herbs topped with creamy feta

2 cups cooked quinoa
4 medium tomatoes finely chopped
1 cup spinach finely chopped
2 stalks celery finely chopped
1/2 cup fresh mint chopped fine
1/2 cup fresh parsley chopped fine
1 red onion finely chopped
1 cup onion sprouts
1 cup creamy feta cheese
salt and black pepper to season
limes to serve

How to
Cook quinoa as per packet instructions and set aside.

Chop all the veggies except the sprouts and feta cheese.

Mix the quinoa with the veggies, top with onion sprouts and feta crumble. Serve immediately.


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Recipe provided by Anina’s Recipes – a food blog by Anina Meyer.