Recipe for Baked Sweet Potatoes topped with flavourful lean steak mince and shredded cheddar

4 sweet potatoes
600g steak mince
1 onion – peel and chop finely
1 green pepper – chop finely
2 stalks celery – cut off ends and chop finely
2 cloves garlic – crush, peel and chop finely
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
2 tbsp honey
4 tomatoes
1/2 cup tap water
2 tbsp tomato paste
mature cheddar – grate coarsely
olive oil, freshly ground salt and pepper (from your pantry)

How to
Preheat oven to 200°C. Cut the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise (cut into quarters if they are large to reduce cooking time). Place on a large baking sheet and sprinkle with olive oil and freshly ground salt and pepper. When the oven is hot, place the potatoes in the oven and bake for 35 minutes.

Prepare all ingredients as indicated above.

Place the tomatoes in a bowl and cover with boiled water. Leave to stand for a few minutes. Remove the tomatoes from the water and slice off the ends – you’ll be able to easily peel off the skin. Chop finely and set aside.

Heat a few glugs of olive oil in a large frying pan over medium to high heat. Add the onions, garlic and celery and sauté until the onions are tender and translucent – about 5 minutes. Watch the heat as garlic burns easily. Now add the steak mince and pan fry until it browns – about 3 minutes. Then add the chilli powder, cumin, honey, green peppers, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and tap water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. When it starts to bubble, turn the heat down to low and leave to simmer gently for 15 minutes.

To serve, divide the sweet potatoes between the plates and top with the steak mince mixture. Scatter with grated cheddar.

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