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An easy recipe for Sun-Dried Tomato Salmon – serve with side dishes of your choice

1 – 2 kg Salmon fillet with skin, deboned
1 teaspoon coarse Salt
3 tablespoons Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
2 tablespoons fresh Parsley, roughly chopped
2 tablespoon Olive Oil

How to
If fish is frozen, defrost, if not then place fish skin down and add all the ingredients as it goes in the order in the recipe; Rub salt all over fish, even skin. You do not need much salt because we are adding sun-dried tomato pesto and that already has sodium. So about a teaspoon or perhaps a pinch more.

Now, spoon over the top of the salmon fillet about 3 tablespoonfuls of Sun Dried tomato pesto, brand of your choice (do not add pesto to the skin, just the top), sprinkle on the top a bit of chopped fresh parsley, but you may use dried as well, just use about 1/2 tbsp instead of 2 tbsp.

Drizzle olive oil on the top evenly all over the salmon filet and place it in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes.

Get the smoker ready (grill or oven works alright as well). Add Cherry pallets, turn smoker on smoke, and with the lid up, heat it for 4-5 minutes, until the fire is established.

Place the fish, skin side down on the grill and smoke it for about 25-30 minute with the lid closed.

After 25-30 minutes, increase temperature to 120 C and cook Salmon for 45 minutes with the lid closed. Push the tip of the meat thermometer gently into the middle of the salmon fillet at its thickest part and it should read 60 C when fish is done.
Take it off the grill and serve.

I serve this delicious fish with bagels, cream cheese, capers, fresh red onion, pickled red onion, tomatoes, and cucumber.

Recipe provided courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking food blog.

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