Recipe for roast chicken. Did you know that wrapping it in oiled spinach leaves helps to retain its juiciness? Find out how!

spinach, cabbage, kale or horseradish leaves
2 fresh chickens
Ina Paarman’s Chicken Spice
1 lemon, cut in half
6 – 8 bay leaves
canola oil
1 x 25 g Ina Paarman’s Liquid Chicken Stock
½ cup (125 ml) boiling water

To Serve:
Ina Paarman’s Red Wine Vinaigrette
bay leaves to garnish

How to
Put the leaves in a bowl and pour over a whole kettle of boiling water. Leave to stand until soft and wilted. Drain and cool.

Adjust the oven shelf to one rack below the middle and preheat to 180°C.

Season the chicken inside and outside with Chicken Spice.

Place half a lemon and 3 – 4 bay leaves in each cavity.

Tie the legs together.

Rub the chickens all over with a generous coating of oil. Also oil the smooth side of the leaves.

Wrap the chicken in the wilted and oiled leaves. (Smooth sides against chicken.)

Pour a mixture of Chicken Stock and boiling water in a medium size oven proof dish. Place the chickens in the dish.

Roast open for 1 hour.

Remove from the oven, lift the chickens out and peel away the leaves.

Return chickens to the dish and brush with a little more oil.

Roast for a final 20 minutes. Leave to rest for 10 minutes on a carving board tented with foil. Carve and pour cooking juices over carved portions.

Drizzle chickens with Red Wine Vinaigrette if serving at room temperature and garnish with bay leaves.


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