Recipe for Easy Cheesecake – with digestive biscuits and summer berries

Biscuit base:

Digestive biscuits / Crushed to roughly the size of bread crumbs.
Ground cinnamon
Butter / melted

Basic Cheese Topping:

Double cream / whipped
Mascarpone cheese
For every unit of double cream used, add double the units of mascarpone cheese. e.g. when using 1tbsp of whipped double cream, add 2tbsp of mascarpone.
Caster sugar to taste

Different flavours for the topping:

Melted dark chocolate
Chocolate shavings and nuts.
Lemon or Orange grated zest.
Vanilla pods and Vanilla essence.


Fresh berries
Tinned berries or cherries, served with melted sugar syrup mixed with little fruit syrup from the tin

How to
Mix together the melted butter, digestive biscuits and cinnamon.

By: Dubow
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

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