When a fudge craving hits, we’ve got you covered. From microwave fudge to a classic fudge recipe made with condensed milk as well as chocolate fudge, there is something for everyone.

Microwave vanilla fudge recipe

The super simple and quick recipe for microwave vanilla fudge is the perfect quick fix for a sweet craving.

Microwave Vanilla Fudge recipe

Easy salted chocolate fudge recipe

This easy salted chocolate fudge recipe has cranberries and Pecan nuts.

Easy Salted Chocolate Fudge recipe

Real fudge recipe with condensed milk

Kick it old school with this creamy fudge recipe made just the way grandma intended, with condensed milk.

Real Fudge recipe

Double chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe

You had us at double chocolate peanut butter fudge.

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge recipe

Rocky Road fudge recipe

All the goodness of rocky road combined in fudge. 

Rocky Road Fudge recipe

Chocolate, honey and hazelnut fridge fudge recipe

This chocolate, honey and hazelnut fridge fudge only takes 25 minutes to set!

Chocolate, Honey and Hazelnut Fridge Fudge recipe

Cookie dough frozen fudge recipe

This gluten-free and low-fat recipe for chickpea frozen fudge has a nutty taste and tastes just like cookie dough.

Cookie Dough Frozen Fudge recipe

*Originally published 17 July 2018 

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