Although this quick and easy trifle recipe uses store-bought items it is still delicious and best of all only takes about 5 minutes to make assemble.



1 store-bought sponge cake (Checkers has a great Madeira cake)

A drizzle of sherry or brandy (optional)

1 litre store-bought custard

Your favourite fresh fruit (we love berries)

1 can whipped cream

Toppings of your choice (we like nuts, chocolate or berries)


How to

Cut the cake into thick slices and place one layer in the bowl.

Drizzle with sherry or brandy (be careful not to use too much) if using.

Pour a layer of custard.

Add a layer of your favourite fruit (we love strawberries).

Repeat until two-thirds of the bowl is full.

Top with whipped cream and garnish with fresh fruit, nuts or chocolate.


Tip: use Consol jars or drinking glasses to make individual portions.


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