A light and easy veggie packed meal for the whole family



(serves 2)

15 ml fish sauce

15 ml lime or lemon juice

10 ml honey

20ml oil

half red chilli (chopped)

150g lean rump or sirloin – cut into thin strips

60 ml spring onions (sliced)

80 g chopped baby corn

60 g sliced mange tout peas

40 g red pepper (cut into strips)

50 g rice noodles (soaked in HOT water for 10 minutes and drained)

40 ml fresh coriander (chopped)

30 g toasted, chopped cashew nuts

1 egg (lightly beaten)

salt and pepper for seasoning

fresh coriander for garnish

lime wedges for garnish


Mix the fish sauce, lime juice and honey together – keep aside.

Heat a frying pan on high heat and add 10 ml oil. Add the chilli and meat and stir fry until the meat is cooked and browned.

Remove from the pan and keep aside.

Lower the heat and the add rest of the oil. Add the spring onions, corn, mange tout peas and red pepper. Stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add the rice noodles, meat and the mixture of fish sauce, lime juice and honey. Cook for 1 minute.

In a separate pan – make a very thin pancake with the beaten egg. Cut into strips and add to the Pad Thai just before serving.

Garnish with fresh coriander and lime wedges.


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Recipe by Christine Capendale  courtesy of the Disney Channel