A wonderful recipe for Nutella, Almond and Strawberry Pavlova

4 Large egg whites, room temperature
1 Cup castor sugar
1 tsp White vinegar
½ Tbsp Cornstarch
½ tsp Vanilla essence
2 – 3 Tablespoons Nutella, heated in the microwave for a few seconds to make runny

Topping ingredients:
250ml Whipping cream
1/2 Punnet strawberries
A few Blackberries
A few dried cranberries
Handful Diced Almonds
2 Tablespoons Nutella, heated in a microwave for a few seconds to make runny

How to
Preheat oven to 140 degrees.

Using an electric beater, beat the egg whites in a metal bowl until they form soft peaks.

Once at a soft peak stage, start gradually adding the sugar into the egg whites while still continuously beating the eggs. (do not just clump all the sugar in the bowl at once).

Your egg whites will become glossy and form stiff peaks.

Add the cornstarch and vinegar and fold in gently.

Add the vanilla essence and Nutella and fold gently into the stiff egg whites.

Use a large flat baking pan, layer baking paper on the base and spread the meringue in a circular shape or in smaller circular shapes. Make sure the edges are higher and the middle has a bit of dip.

Bake in the oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Once the time is up, open the oven door ajar for the meringue to slowly cool it down. Note: as the meringue cools down it will crack.

Once the meringue is room temperature, place on a serving plate.

Warm up the Nutella and drizzle over the base of the pavlova.

Whip the cream until stiff peak stage and spread on top of the pavlova.

Cut strawberries and sprinkle on the top, along with blackberries, almonds, cranberries and a splash of whatever Nutella is left.


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Recipe courtesy of Stuffed! – A food blog created by Megan Deane sharing family recipes and a passion for home cooking.