Recipe for rich and delicious Individual Chocolate Trifles with crème fraiche and cherries

120g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces
500ml good quality prepared custard
1 x 425g tin of cherries + extra to garnish (I used glacé cherries to garnish)
75ml brandy or kirsch
6 chocolate madeleines, sliced or crumbled (or replace with similar rich chocolate biscuit)
300ml double cream
200ml crème fraiche
25g caster sugar
grated dark chocolate to garnish

How to
The day before you plan to assemble the trifles, drain the tin of cherries and place the fruit in a shallow bowl together with the brandy. Cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight.

Pour the custard into a pyrex bowl set over a pot of simmering water on the stove and add the broken dark chocolate pieces to it. Stir continuously as the chocolate melts. Once there are no lumps and all the chocolate is melted (under 5 minutes), remove from the heat and allow to cool fully.

Slice or crumble the madeleines into bite-sized pieces. Place the pieces from 1.5 madeleines in the base of each of four pretty glasses (wide whisky tumblers or brandy balloons are the best). Drain the brandy from the cherries and sprinkle an equal amount of brandy over the madeleines in the base of each glass. Divide the boozy cherries between the four glasses and arrange in a layer on top of the madeleines.

Carefully spoon the custard over the cherries.

In a clean bowl, whip together the crème fraiche, cream and caster sugar until soft peaks form, then spook the mixture over the custard in each glass. garnish with the extra cherries and top with grated dark chocolate.

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