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Avoid being hangry and have delicious snacks that fit into your handbag and best of all they all cost less than R25.

Nuts about nuts


  1. Eat Naked peanut butter cups, R19.95 at Dischem
  2. OhMega macadamia nut butter sachets to put on fruit (apple slices), R12.95 at Dischem
  3. Woolworths date balls, R21.99 at Woolworths

  1. Simple Truth salted caramel roasted almonds, R at Checkers
  2. Simple Truth peanut butter protein balls, R    at Checkers


dried fruit, actual piece of fruit, fruit rollups, berry sweets


  1. The Figary Dried Fig Slices, R20 at Faithful To Nature 
  2. Simple Truth apricot and butternut roll, RX at Checkers
  3. Safari fruit truffles, Rx at

Sweet treats


  1. Nanuki Brownie Bomb Cookie Dough, R22 at Faithful To Nature 
  2. Simple Truth Mango or Mixed Berry Fruit Gums, RX at Checkers
  3. Wine gums, RX at

Not chips, crunchy





Smartbite dark chocolate bar, R12.99 at Clicks


Raise the bar cereal bars



Link to LL article for kids that already ranks.


Clicks SmartBite range h


Checkers Oh My Goodness and Simple Truth 


Rice cakes/multigrain crackers from Dischem

Mini Cheddars


Roasted chickpeas


Provita with cheese wedge






Checkers snacks

Cheese wedge

Dark chocolate

Trail mix






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