Recipe for low carb Fried Fish Strips – serve with a side salad

750 grams Fresh Hake (let the fish market attendant clean and fillet them)
4 Eggs
1 Cup Coconut (fine or medium shreds)
salt and pepper

Coconut oil for frying

How to
Cut hake in 3cm thick slices.

Beat eggs together in a bowl and place coconut in a flat dish/plate. Add salt and pepper to the coconut.

Add enough coconut oil to cover the base of the pan and set on medium high heat.

Double dip fish in egg and the roll in coconut and repeat once more before frying.

Fry for 5 – 8 minutes turning as soon as the coconut crust has settled and browned on a side. Turn every two minutes or so. If you are not sure just break one strip in half. The fish should have a flaky texture.

Serve with a chunky tartare sauce of mayonnaise with finely chopped yellow pepper, red onion, spring onion and tomato.

I serve these little fish fingers of delight with a salad or coleslaw and sometimes add pumpkin fries on the side. The kids LOVE them!

Recipe provided courtesy of Low-Carb is Lekker food blog. All recipes and pictures copyright to Ine Reynierse.

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