Recipe for Greek vegetable stew with olives and kidney beans

1 red onion, sliced
3 small coloured peppers, sliced
3 stalks celery, sliced
3 cloves garlic, sliced
a small handful of oregano
pinch of cinnamon
½ cup (125ml) white wine
1 can (400g) chickpeas, drained
1 can (400g) cannellini beans, drained
1 can (400g) kidney beans, drained
1 large can (800g) chopped tomatoes
1 sachet (200g) Buffet pitted calamata olives, sliced

For serving:
½ cup (125ml) Greek Yoghurt
chopped dill

How to
Saute onion, garlic and celery, until fragrant. Add pepper and fry for a few minutes more.

Add all the remaining ingredients and simmer until the liquid has reduced and sauce has thickened.

Add buffet olives (reserving some for serving) and simmer for 5 minutes more.

Serve stew topped with yoghurt, reserved olives and dill.


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Recipe courtesy of Buffet Olives.