Recipe for decadent French Toast – the perfect breakfast in bed for Dad on Father’s Day

2 slices of white, toaster bread (will be just as good with brown or whole-wheat)
3 slices of back bacon
4 slices of Emmental cheese
3 free range eggs
30ml of milk
Salt and pepper to taste

1 medium, brown and sliced mushroom
1 teaspoon of grated biltong

How to
Fry the bacon and set aside

Layer the cheese on both slices of the bread with the cooked bacon in the middle and sandwich together

Beat 2 of the eggs together with the milk until well mixed and season

Pre-heat a nonstick pan with a little butter over medium heat

Dip the sandwich on both sides in the beaten eggs and place carefully in the pan

Fry slowly until golden brown then turn the sandwich over and repeat for the other side

Remove from pan and place in a low-heated oven for cheese to melt

Pre-heat a nonstick pan with a little butter over medium heat

Fry the mushroom in butter until soft

Season with the grated biltong

To serve
Fry the remaining egg in a nonstick pan (preferably soft and sunny side up)

Place the French toast sandwich on a plate, top with the fried egg and mushroom biltong

Finish off with a drizzle of maple syrup

Serve to dad with lots of love

Recipe provided by Grant Cullingworth, Executive Chef at the Westin Cape Town. Visit for more information.

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