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Celebrate tradition with a simple pancake recipe. As is tradition in our family and I’m sure in countless others, the cutting of a baby’s first tooth is celebrated with a batch of warm, cinnamony pancakes for the family to feast on. Here’s a basic recipe that’s as easy to prepare as it is light to eat.

500ml flour
2ml salt
2 eggs
500ml water
5ml lemon juice

How to
Sieve dry ingredients in no particular order. Add eggs, water and lemon juice.

Beat well into consistency of your desire and leave the batter to settle for at least an hour.

Heap small portions of the mixture into a lightly greased frying pan placed on moderate heat.

Flap those jacks once they’ve been lightly browned on either side. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon!

Taryn-Lee Biggar

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