Make this recipe for Cara Mint Tart and be prepared to have it requested again and again

2 x 360 g cans caramel treat
65 ml lemon juice
250 ml cream, stiffly beaten
18 Tennis biscuits
2 x 50 g peppermint crisp chocolate bars, chopped

How to
Whisk together the caramel and lemon juice. Fold in the cream and set aside.

Spray a 20 cm square dish with non-stick spray and place a layer of biscuits in the bottom. Spoon half of the caramel mixture over the biscuits and sprinkle with half of the peppermint crisp, followed by a layer of biscuits. Repeat another layer of caramel, ending with a final layer of peppermint crisp.

Place in the fridge to set before serving.


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