Low GI recipe for Buttermilk and Oat Flapjacks. Serve these topped with caramelised bananas – simple and delicious.

225g Self Raising Flour
(I replace 100g of flour with Pinhead Oats to make them Low GI friendly)
1/4 tsp grated Nutmeg
Pinch Salt
55g Castor Sugar (I use Agave sugar or Advantage)
1 Egg, beaten
300ml Buttermilk (or milk if you prefer)
20g Melted Butter
Peanut Oil for frying

Caramelised banana:
(Use about half a banana per person)
2 Bananas – peeled and sliced thickly on the diagonal
1/2 Lemon – juice squeezed over the bananas
Sprinkling of cinnamon over the bananas
100g Granulated Sugar
20g Butter

How to
Place the sifted flour, nutmeg, salt, oats if using and sugar in bowl making a well in the centre

Mix the honey and egg together and pour into the centre of the flour mixture.

Add half the milk, beating all together well until smooth. Add the rest of the milk a bit at a time until dropping consistency is reached.

Stir in the melted butter then allow your batter to stand for 15min to half an hour

Use a drop or two of oil to lightly grease a heavy based frying pan or griddle and heat until moderately hot.

Drop 1 tbsp of the mixture into the pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface and the underneath is golden brown. Flip over, cook the other side for a further minute or two

Keep warm wrapped in a clean kitchen towel while you make the rest of the flapjacks

Serve warm with butter, syrup, honey, blueberries or toppings of your choice. One of my very favourites for breakfast is some crispy bacon with real maple syrup. Such a delicious treat with the salty and sweet all in one delicious bite

Caramelised bananas:
Place sugar & butter in a heavy based pan over medium heat and allow to melt together. Don’t stir but watch that the sugar doesn’t go too dark and burn as it will turn bitter.

Just move the pan around gently as you need to.

Add the bananas to the pan and coat well with the caramel

Divide the bananas and caramel mixture over 4 stacks of flapjacks and serve immediately

A dollop of creme fraiche goes really well with these.

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