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Baby marrow or zucchini or courgettes are a budget-friendly and tasty versatile veggie that everyone loves. We’ve found different types of ways to use baby marrow from pasta to one pan bakes and even fritters!

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Carb-free baby marrow spaghetti recipe

This quick and easy carb-free baby marrow pasta is ready in less than five minutes!

Carb-Free Baby Marrow Spaghetti recipe


Baby marrow & feta tart recipe

Make this baby marrow and feta tart ahead so that you’ll have lunch for work sorted.

Baby Marrow & Feta Tart recipe


Tomato and Baby Marrow Tian recipe

This tomato and baby marrow tian recipe is the perfect vegetarian-friendly one pot dinner.

Tomato and Baby Marrow Tian recipe

Raw Baby Marrow, Ricotta and Olive Salad recipe

This show-stopping baby marrow salad is not only healthy but delicious too.

Raw Baby Marrow, Ricotta and Olive Salad recipe

Baby marrow fritters

Baby marrow fritters are a delicious breakfast time treat.

Baby Marrow Fritters recipe

Baby marrow roll ups

These banting friendly baby marrow roll-ups from Your Family make the perfect appetizer.

For even more baby marrow recipes, visit Food & Home’s Baby Marrow Recipe Collection here. 

*Originally 18 July 2018

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