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No matter your culture, food represents nourishment, status, enjoyment, community, identity and even humanity. Sharing food can spread these ideas to the people around you. In just about every culture in the world, people celebrate family with meals – and food rituals the world over are centred around one key idea, sharing.

Here are some sharing moments we have discovered from cultures around the world that you can bring to your table to share with your loved ones:

Tear and share bread

A riff on the classic garlic bread, tear and share bread is essentially the filled version of your beloved braai side dish. You can choose toppings that your family love to eat – from roasted veggies and feta to bacon and cheese, there is no limit to the way this timeless favourite can be enjoyed. It’s made in the same way as garlic bread only with prepared toppings loaded between buttered slices. You can choose any type of loaf for the occasion, although a classic French loaf is always a winner.


There is nothing quite like a generous plate of golden fried samoosas to bring a family together. These delicious envelopes can be enjoyed with sweet or savoury fillings and dipped into your desired condiment. Traditionally they are filled with meats and vegetables flavoured with curry spice. However, there are localised filling combinations from each part of the world. Whether you enjoy curried mince filling or a sweetened coconut dessert version, the fact remains samosas are a fantastic food for sharing.

Good old-fashioned stew

From a hearty potjie to a spicy tagine, the world has its fair share of stews to celebrate. No matter where you come from, there will no doubt be a stew on your menu. These are great share meals because they are filling, warming and are great to feed a crowd. Top your one-pot wonder with some dombolo or herbed dumplings, and you have a meal that will make your loved ones feel like royalty.


These corn chips are typically served on a large plate where toppings such as spicy strips of chicken or beef, cheddar cheese, salsa, spicy beans and relishes are grilled to melty perfection. Nachos are then served with fresh lime, smashed avocado, sour cream, chopped coriander and fresh chilli – and shared by a hungry crowd. Variations of this Mexican flavour explosion include loaded potato chips or even cauliflower – the toppings are endless, and the flavours are yummy.

There is nothing quite like the age-old tradition of breaking bread – it’s a way to bring us together and exercises our sense of ubuntu. So, cheers to many more generations of community through food, it’s a fabulous family affair.

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